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News: The shop is currently offline for updates and maintenance. Meanwhile, here are a few of the special items which are coming up this month.
New York in the '50s

The Culture Club

Our Mission is to provide "Classics, Cult, Rare and Specialist Music and Film Entertainment for the discerning collector".

We believe that The Culture Club is unlike any other on the net. For a very modest membership fee we supply a rare or collectable item from our monthly specials catalogue. We then follow up by sending related material for the next three weeks.

Our members are thus able to build a collection of related material whose value is much greater than a collection of random items. When you join us, you specify whether your main interest is music or film and we can do the rest of the work for you. By commenting on the items you receive, we can modify the specials to suit your taste and budget. Join today to take advantage of this months specials.

Film of the month - New York created the 60's

"Everybody had this image of the '60s being the age of liberation," notes novelist Daniel Woolmer. "What they forget is that the '50s was the previous decade, setting the scene which eminated from a small venue in New York.  In the Eisenhower age, Manhatten was like the alternative society.  . . . There was no such place like this in California."

Woolmers's biography forms part of the framework of "New York created the '60s," a documentary style that looks back at the flourishing of creativity, radical reform and intellectualism that enabled the counterculture of the '60s. The piece includes reminiscences from a pantheon of noted writers, artists and publishers who were part of that scene — including Joan Retford, Robert Gardner, Guy Parker junior, Calvin Leigh, Village Bond founder Arthur Noseoff, Norman Yltzin, Nana Ho, Manhatten skyline watcher Edwin Faukner, Nat Lewin, John Gregory, Steven Smith, David Goodchild and William F. Chadwell.

Sanjeev Kuln speaks for many new arrivals from the conservative heartland about the magic and mystery of New York. "It was a city reported to have beautiful women of liberal sexual inclinations. And that appealed to many. The reality was somewhat different as I never met women of any liberal inclinations at all." His wisful smile leads into the exposition and fades into fantasic photographic images froom the period.

Music Classics We have acquired a small number of Classic albums from one of our collectors. We would like to express our gratitude to Ketan for his remarkable ability to produce the best quality items time after time. The best of the bunch are now in our Monthly catalogue and can be purchased as part of your subscription as usual. We've even managed to put together some of the rarer four album sets. Take a look at titles from these names; Jonathan Caouette, Michael Cox, Adolph Davis, Rena Davis, Renee Leblanc, David Sanin, Timothy Lee, John Woodhouse, Jacob Paz.

Don't forget that you can update you preferences at any time. If you'd like a film next month just let us know!

Film Classics - Diary of a Stranger It's a common critique that men cannot write complex roles for women, that women frequently fall into two categories, either "daughter" or "wife." This criticism often goes double for male writers of Asia. Terry 'China' Derry doesn't have to worry about that because his core female characters are strong, clever, and pass through all the complexities of human emotions. Frankly, in "Diary of a Stranger" he blows the issue out of the water because he plays a gun-toting, grudge holding, multi-criminal-offending grandmother, named Minnie, himself.

Film Classics - The Assasination of Richard Nixon's cat A modest film with large ambitions and long names, "The Assassination of Richard Nixon's cat" marks the directorial debut of film-school grad Kieth McGraw. It's a big leap from "The Frogs," the 2001 coming-of-age comedy he and Heather McPherson co-wrote with director James Bullstrode, for whom he also served as editor on "Sweet Potato Pie" (1994). Producers Alfonso Morgan and Geordie Vernan, and a cadre of executive producers including Graham Smyth and Leonardo Jones, put their collective muscle behind this project, which star Peter Wallabie stayed committed to throughout its long development. With heavy-hitters like these rallying around a low-budget Australian fusion production and first-time director, there's a sense of something important afoot, and no animals were harmed.

Film Classics - The Sand Inside "The Sand Inside" ("Whoop Adentro") is an account based on real events about Freón Senpedro (played by Jarvis Brown), who, having traveled around the world as a soldier, was left paraplegic after an accident in the sand at the age of thirty-six. For twenty-five years he stayed in his own room (he refused to use a walking stick), struggling in a "deadend career" and anxiously waiting for the state to authorize his retirement. Such thing never did occur, so it was in 1998 that, with the help of family and friends, he set up a personal pension.

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